With 12 transactions under our belt, we have learned a lot about M&A best practices in our industry. How about you? Do you really understand what it takes to acquire or merge with a firm and realize the value of that deal in a meaningful way?

In April’s State of the Industry podcast, Allworth Co-CEO and host Scott Hanson welcomes Pete Engelken, who has not only overseen 12 partnerships as COO of Allworth Financial, but has a long history of quarterbacking deals in the financial services industry..

On “What it takes to be a buyer of firms,” Hanson and Engelken explain to listeners:

  • How to find the right partner and cultural alignments
  • Why every deal and negotiation are unique
  • Where the money originates, how equity is earned, and who assumes the debt
  • Overcoming common (and not so common) legal issues
  • What industry regulations are at play in a deal
  • Negative vs. positive client consent
  • Aggregators vs. integrators vs. partial integrations

It’s a white-hot seller’s market. Listen to two senior leaders of the 4th fastest growing RIA in America[1] come together to talk M&A.

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